How Minnesota Job Seekers Reduce Pre-Interview Jitters

Nervous before your job interview? Don’t worry; it’s normal. Reducing the appearance of your pre-interview jitters, however, will increase the possibility that the company will hire you. Try these tips.

Don’t Drink Coffee Before the Interview-

Most people are coffee drinkers, who tend to have one to two cups of coffee in the morning to jumpstart their day. We’re telling you: don’t do it. Caffeine exacerbates anxiety, and it’s one of the worst things you can consume if you’re trying to get yourself to calm down and not be nervous. If you do need something to wake you up on the morning of the interview, try going for a jog or sipping on an herbal beverage (like tea) that is low in caffeine. It might take a little getting used to, but you will find that your nerves will provide you with more than enough energy. Skip the caffeine!

Listen to Calming Music-

Studies reveal that music plays a significant role in our mood and emotions. In fact, upbeat music will get your heart beating a lot faster than your resting heart rate, which will be harder to deal with when you’re trying to calm down. If you want to walk into your interview with a calm demeanor, try listening to acoustic or classical music fifteen or twenty minutes before your interview. You will feel your heart rate slow down, which your chances of walking into the interview calm, collected, and ready to go.

Review Your Resume-

Interviews can be stressful because of the pressure associated with sitting across from another person who is grilling you about your accomplishments and skills. Even though you know what you’ve done and what skills you possess, you may find yourself tripping over your words if you’re nervous. One way to combat this is to review your resume right before going in the interview. If nothing else, it will give you a series of talking points to hit while answering questions so you can steer the conversation more toward where you want it to go.

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