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How to Stay Prepared in Case of a Recession

When the Great Recession hit, we spent a lot of time helping job seekers secure their futures during uncertain times. We saw first-hand how workers and families in the Twin Cities were hit hard by the sudden loss of jobs and the need to find new work quickly. Fortunately, the last few years have seen […]

5 Ways to Meet Your Employees’ Needs

While we help companies to meet their staffing needs, we also hear a lot from companies about how they want to retain the great employees we help them find. Retention can sometimes be trickier than recruitment. Ultimately, retention is about meeting employees’ needs. The better you can meet an employee’s needs, the more likely you […]

3 Ways Job Seekers Can Create Their Own Luck

We hear from a lot of job seekers that it seems as though dream jobs just fall into other people’s laps. A recruiter reaches out at the right time for an amazing opportunity, or someone’s uncle has connections at an awesome company. Some of our job seekers feel like it was simple luck that helped […]

Why a Job in the Skilled Trades May Be Right for You

One thing we hear a lot from the companies we work with is that they need skilled laborers to fill their open jobs. We love helping skilled laborers find their future at these companies, but we also love encouraging our job seekers to develop their own skills to meet demand. Perhaps no one ever asked […]

5 Books to Prepare You for Your Job Search

At Award Staffing, we’re always reading up on the latest information to help our job seekers perform their best. We’re thrilled when job seekers ask us for resources that they can use to help them in their job search. Below is a list of some of our favorite books that we’re currently reading – plus […]

How to Answer Questions About Your Salary History

When interviewing for jobs, employers want to know a lot about you. We’ve heard employers ask all kinds of questions, ranging from standard things related to the job to more creative questions like, “If you had a theme song, what would it be?” But there’s one question that always throws candidates for a loop: “What […]

Bad Advice Job Seekers Should Stop Taking

When you’re looking for employment, everyone close to you will weigh in on the best way to do it. Our job seekers have told us all kinds of advice they’ve heard from well-meaning people about networking, resumes, interviews and more. Your friends, family, and colleagues are all trying to help, but there are certainly some […]