Here’s Why Minnesota Business Don’t Hire Someone

In business, there are times when you’re going to need to hire new employees or add to your temporary staff. If this is done right, it can lead to improved productivity and increased workplace morale. If it isn’t, the opposite effects can ensue. Here are some of the reasons that indicate a potentially bad hire.


Any time you’re desperate; you’re going to be in a bad situation. If you are hiring someone simply because you need to fill the spot, you might find yourself compromising on traits, values, or experience that previously would have been a necessity for you.

Social Obligation

If you’re hiring someone because you feel socially obligated, you may end up with someone who doesn’t take the job very seriously. If a relative or friend is pressuring you into hiring a certain individual, ask him or her to send your resume before the interview. If s/he doesn’t possess the skills you need, tell your relative or friend that you need someone who is a little more in line with your company’s needs.

They Look Good on Paper

If someone looks good on paper but doesn’t interview well, you may want to consider whether or not you should hire them. First of all, the resume could have been fabricated. Second, you should always go with your gut feeling when you meet someone in person. You could risk the safety of both your business and employees if you hire the wrong person after a bad in-person feeling.

They Live Close

It’s tempting to hire people who live close because they’re theoretically always ready to jump in for work. However, just because someone lives close does not mean they’re the best fit for your company. If they live close and meet your expectations, consider that a plus, but do not base your entire hiring decision on their proximity alone.



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