Prevent Getting Hangry on the Job

Prevent Getting “Hangry” on the Job

Hunger is no joke; it’s proven that being hungry sours one’s mood and productivity. Some people refer to hunger-induced anger as “hanger,” and its adverse effects are long-proven in the workplace. Here are some ways to keep yourself from getting hangry on the job:

Eat Protein-Rich Foods-

Protein is necessary to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day, so replace your carb-heavy munchies with high-protein snacks. Even pairing carbs with protein make a difference, so get that protein and prevent blood sugar crashes.

Have a Snack Every 2-3 Hours-

Another way to keep your blood sugar stable is to eat every 2-3 hours. It’s easy to forget to eat during the day, especially if you’re busy. If you’re prone to forgetfulness regarding your snack schedule, set the alarm so you can step away to have your snack.

Avoid Sugary Sodas and Juices-

While you might get a quick “energy boost” from soda or juice, this is precisely the opposite of what you need to help you avoid hanger. When you have soda or juice, your blood sugar will rise immediately . . . Only to crash a few hours later. If you need something to sip on during the day, try water or unsweetened iced tea. Your blood sugar will thank you! We hope you benefitted from this Award Staffing Tip.

Being Hangry is real, we know all about it. It’s just one of the ways we show that we care. Contact us today. We will be able to match you up with interviews in your area so you can get the job opportunity you want. We have offices located in Bloomington, Chaska, Crystal, Delano, Maplewood, and Ramsey Minnesota to help you with your job search today! Want to learn more career tips and tricks – check our When Work Works blog.

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