How Quality Screening Can Reduce Employee Turnover

When you’re looking for new candidates for your company, you’ll always want to pick candidates that will reduce employee risk and turnover in the workplace. Conducting proper screening of your candidates is essential. Consider these suggestions

Verify Skills

One of the biggest contributors to employee risk is when the employee doesn’t possess the correct skill set for the job. Using simple challenge tests can ensure that the employee has the specific skill set the job requires, not just the general skills. This will reduce the risk of incompetent or bored employees

Perform a Background Check

Performing a background check on job candidates is a great way to reduce employee risk. Potential candidates aren’t always going to tell you everything about them, especially if they are desperate for employment. If you conduct a background check, you can verify that nothing incredibly serious or dangerous has happened regarding that particular employee. You will be able to rest assured that your other employees will feel safe when working in conjunction with this employee.

Hire Candidates with Realistic Expectations

One of the biggest factors surrounding employee turnover is when the candidate has unrealistic expectations about the job. For example, if a candidate thinks he or she will be handling the administrative desk but is really handling the storage and packaging of boxes, disillusionment will follow. Make sure your candidate knows the expectations and limitations of the job in the interview.

Hire Candidates Who Have Needs Met By The Job

If your candidate doesn’t have needs that are met through your job, he or she will be a higher risk of contributing to employee turnover. This means that your candidate’s skillset needs to match up with the skill set that the job is offering. You should not seek a candidate who is overqualified, but rather you should seek a candidate who is perfectly qualified for the job.

When you’re hiring new employees, you absolutely want to make sure you minimize employee turnover and risk. If you do a high-quality screening for your potential candidates and ask certain questions, you will be able to greatly minimize the risk of acquiring these candidates.

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