Being Minnesota Nice when Use Your Cell Phone at Work

Cell phones are incredibly convenient because they simultaneously allow for more communication and greater mobility. However, cell phones don’t always have their place in a work environment and can often be seen as an annoying distraction. Here’s how to use your cell phone appropriately at work:

Turn it to Vibrate-

Cell phones should not make noise while you’re at work. Not only is this disruptive; it could also be dangerous depending on the circumstance. The easiest way to prevent noise coming from your cell phone while you’re at work is to turn it on vibrate for the duration of your shift.

Text or Talk Only on Breaks-

Don’t accept phone calls or send texts when you’re at work. This could be dangerous and could quickly get you fired if your boss sees that you’re not putting one hundred percent of your time and energy into your job. You are given a lunch break and several other fifteen minute breaks; use this time to catch up on any texts or calls you may have missed throughout the day.

Don’t Talk Loudly on the Phone-

If you unconditionally must accept a call when you’re at work, don’t talk loudly on the phone. This is obnoxious and could distract your co-workers from doing the job they need to do. Plus, you wouldn’t want everyone to hear your business, would you?

Don’t Check Your Phone with Customers-

As an employee, you are a representative of your company. If you check your phone in front of customers, they will not only think you are rude, but it’s likely that they will have a negative perception of your company. This could result in bad reviews, complaints to your boss/manager, or even legal action depending on the severity of the distraction and the ensuing consequences. One of the hallmark signals of being a good employee is whether or not you’re respectful.

If you can adhere to these phone guidelines, you’re probably in an excellent position to be hired. Contact Award Staffing if you need any help finding a new job opportunity that makes the most of your talents and skills.

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