How to be the “Lebron James” of Job Searching

Searching for a job doesn’t have to be long and tedious. Putting careful thought and planning into the process will maximize your job search in terms of time and effectiveness.

Start a Spreadsheet-

Make life easier on yourself by starting a spreadsheet. It’s crucial that you do this before beginning the job search so you can stay organized throughout the entire process. You may want to sort your spreadsheet by the name of the company, the position for which you are applying, a link to the job post, and the date you applied and then heard back from them.

Limit Your Job Search to 5 Sources-

Don’t drive yourself crazy by searching through a massive list of websites. Keep things simple by initially limiting your job search to your network, two or three pertinent job boards, and a reputable staffing agency, which specializes in your industry. This will help keep you in line and organized; you can always add more sources later on if you’re finding that you are unable to locate what you need.

Have Your Resume Ready-

If you want to maximize your job search, you need to have your resume ready to go as soon as you apply. There’s nothing worse than getting called for an interview and then frantically revising/editing your resume. It’s a surefire way to forget something important, make grammar errors, etc. Spend time in advance, so you’re ready to go by the time you start applying.

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