How to Conquer Your First Day of Work in 285 Words

How to Conquer Your First Day of Work in 285 Words

The first day on a new job can be nerve-wracking. You have to figure everything out from the commute to the coffee situation to safe navigation of office politics. On top of that, you need to step off on the right foot with the coworkers and bosses who will define your success at this career stop and help you move on to the next promotion. Here’s how you can conquer your first day of work:

Prepare to Sound Intelligent with Everyone You Meet-

Jacquelyn Smith of Business Insider recommends you “get ready to give a 30-second explanation of who you are, where you were before, and what you’ll be doing in this new position.” You should also be familiar enough with your new company to discuss it intelligently with anyone you meet, particularly new bosses.

Be Engaged at All Times-

Make sure to learn at least one thing about everyone you meet. Keep your body language positive. And turn your cell phone off in the parking lot. Don’t let anything distract you from making a great first impression.

Show Up Ready to Learn-

John Coleman of Harvard Business Review advises “don’t “fake it until you make it” by trying to appear more knowledgeable than you are. People will expect you to face a steep learning curve on a new job and most will be willing to help you settle in. Take advantage of this time to ask questions and learn things.

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