Why Minnesota Businesses Phone Screening Candidates

Why Minnesota Businesses Phone Screening Candidates

If you are currently in the middle of hiring new employees for your company, but discovering that the entire recruiting process takes a long time – too long. Pre-screening candidates by phone can help reduce the time factor. Here’s why:

You Won’t Waste Your Time

Holding in-person interviews is an extremely time-consuming process. You need to have someone on-site directing the candidates, one or more additional employees conducting the interviews, and another managing the paperwork. Don’t spend the time and cost involved only to discover the candidate is ineligible when you could have easily determined that via a phone interview. Narrow the pool to a few great choices before you begin in-person interviews.

They Can Gauge Your Level of Commitment

When you conduct a phone interview with a potential candidate, they can gauge your level of commitment. Not all companies take the added step of pre-qualifying candidates before they get to meet the team, so it will be a good indicator for your applicants that you take adding members to your workforce very seriously. They will also be able to ask you questions so they don’t waste their time applying for a job that wouldn’t be a good fit for them.

You Can Prepare Them for the In-Person Interview

If you conduct phone interviews with potential candidates, you can easily prepare them for the in-person interview. For example, you can use the phone interview as a basic screening, but employ more advanced interview tactics and hypothetical situations during the actual interview. Doing the phone pre-screening allows you to get the essential questions answered so you can focus on whether or not that candidate is a good fit for your company, specifically.

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