How to Resolve Anger and Conflict in the Workplace

If you work in a place of employment with other people, conflict will arise at some point or another. While the severity of the conflict will range from situation to situation, the principles behind resolving anger and conflict in the workplace remain the same. If you can successfully avert anger and conflict in the workplace, you will be much better equipped for whatever your career endeavors throw at you. Here’s how to resolve anger and conflict in the workplace:

Figure Out The Root Issue

There is always a root issue behind every form of conflict, including in the workplace. Whatever the root issue is, for example – jealousy or frustration, knowing and understanding it is very important in finding a resolution. This knowledge allows you to empathize with and understand the person with whom you are in conflict. Often, this is the first step in reaching a peaceful solution.

Utilize Assertive Communication

In a conflict, it’s important to communicate your needs assertively. With passivity and aggression being the two extremes, assertion generally tends to be the best form of communication to problem-solve and understand simultaneously. You must be willing to assert your needs and expectations clearly, while also listening to your colleague do the same, if you want to resolve your differences.

Brainstorm Possible Solutions

If you want to find a solution, brainstorm possible ideas together! Doing this will put you and your colleague on an equal playing field as you work together to fix the workplace tension.

Get Superiors Involved if Necessary

Sometimes, conflicts can be so complicated that neither party wants to compromise or budge on a certain issue. If this is the case and the conflict is impeding your ability to work, you will have to get superiors involved. Though this could be embarrassing, it’s sometimes necessary to have an objective third party involved in the conflict to help a fair solution be reached.



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