How Twin Cities Companies Deal with Angry Employees

An angry employee can quickly upset an otherwise positive work environment and, if ignored, can escalate into violence. This can be a difficult situation to handle. Here are some practical pointers to help.

It always starts with communication and communication begins with listening. This doesn’t mean you forget your role as manager, but rather that enable yourself to fulfill it better by listening to the details in order to understand the big picture

· Set an appointment – in a safe a private place.
· Remain calm and just listen – you don’t know how to proceed if you don’t’ get a clear message.
· Respect them as an individual – be personable, professional, and kind.

If the cause of their anger is connected to work:

· Give them an opportunity to express how they feel they’ve been wronged and ask them to share what they think needs to be done.
· Acknowledge the angry employee’s feelings.
· Assure them that you will get more information and meet with them again – set a specific date.
· Talk to others involved and get an honest picture of the situation. You can’t deal correctly with the circumstances until you know what’s happening.

If the cause of their anger is separate from work:

· Sometimes a listening ear was all they needed.
· Give them support, make suggestions for them to follow, and tell them you will check back.
· Remind them that their anger is affecting their work and your workplace and must stop.
· Talk about the positive things they have brought to the workplace and encourage them not to lose sight of them.
· Be kind, but firm about your expectations and the consequences that will result from a continued problem.

Keep it private and give them time to sort out their emotions from your talk before sending them back to their task – especially if they interact with other employees.

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