Star Tribune’s TOP 175 Workplaces 2021

Award Staffing is so excited to announce that for the 6th year in a row, we have made the list of Star Tribune’s Top 175 places to work in Minnesota.  This award is intended to recognize companies that are engaged, well-managed, and employee-friendly; and is eligible to any company in the state that has at least 50 employees. When an organization decides to participate in this recognition program, they allow their employees to participate in a 24 question survey to be completed between the months of January and April. It asks questions about 7 factors:

1. Alignment

2. Effectiveness

3. Connection

4. Management

5. Employee Engagement

6. Leadership

7. Pay, benefits, and flexibility

The companies with the highest rankings across all sectors are then ranked in order. This year we were honored to take the place of 15th  in the small business category.  In addition to giving your company a chance to be recognized, it also gives you a snapshot of what is and isn’t currently working in your company. When we received an overview of our results, we discovered that nationally, we landed in the top 5% of all staffing agencies for meaningful work, cross-department teamwork, and employees feeling well-informed. Our administrative positions indexed in the 99th percentile for overall job satisfaction.

When we received the anonymous comments from our employees, we noticed a pattern that our employees felt supported in their career growth and look forward to coming to work every day. Over 80% of our team members are engaged with over 50% being enthusiastically engaged.

Overall, it was evident that our employees feel a sense of collaboration and community when they come to work every day. They feel like they have a lot of potential to grow and are appreciated for what they do every day.

As a top 150 workplace for 6-years in a row, we know the importance of creating a great environment to attract the right talent. If you are looking for a staffing partner that can help you showcase your job openings and company culture to rising talent, reach out to our account management team today!