Tips for Making Your Seasonal Job Permanent

Seasonal jobs offer employees the flexibility to work for a short time, making quick cash while in between jobs or while on break from school. But seasonal work isn’t ideal for everyone. If you’re working in a seasonal position and you want the security and peace of mind that comes with full-time work, there are a few actions you can take to improve your chances of being hired permanently.

Stay positive

Many seasonal workers struggle to keep an upbeat attitude while they’re working in a crazy workplace. It’s difficult to hide this kind of negativity from employers. To maximize your chances of securing a permanent job after your seasonal job is over, maintain a positive attitude that your employers will notice. The better your attitude is, the easier it will be for an employer to see your potential as a permanent employee.

Carry yourself like a permanent employee

Show an employer that you’re ready for a permanent position by carrying yourself the way you would if you were working full time. Offer to pick up extra shifts, be the first to help your coworkers and be as flexible as possible. When you interact with customers, be engaging and helpful. Quality customer service is hard to find, so show your employer that you have the skills it takes to become a valuable member of the team.

Communicate with your boss

Your actions speak volumes to your employer about your intentions, but you need to clearly communicate what you want. Make sure your boss knows that you are looking for a permanent position, whether part-time or full-time. Communicating about what you’re hoping to get out of a job will help your employer keep you in mind for future openings. If your seasonal employment ends and there are no openings, ask your seasonal employer to contact you if anything opens in the future.

Make genuine connections

It’s easy to keep your head down when you’re working a seasonal job. You may want to avoid interacting with coworkers and managers, but this isn’t the best way to secure a permanent position.  Make it a point to introduce yourself to your coworkers. Try to form strong connections with other people at your place of work, especially permanent employees and people in management. The more you integrate into the company culture and forge strong bonds with others in the workplace, the easier it is for employers to see you as a permanent addition to the team.

If you feel stuck in temporary, seasonal positions, there’s hope. Not every job will turn into full-time employment, but you can maximize your chances of landing the job you want by making the most of the job you have. With the right attitude and a strategic mindset, you can impress your employer and land a permanent position.

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3 Ways How to Turn You Temp Job into a Permanent Position

3 Ways How to Turn You Temp Job into a Permanent Job

Did you know – according to Forbes magazine, “70% of people in temporary jobs get a full-time, permanent position at that company.” If you would like to try to turn your temp job into a permanent opportunity – here are three simple steps:

1. Learn About The Company-

Remember that that being a temp-worker like an audition for a company. They want to make sure that you are the right fit.

By taking the time to learn all that you can about a company not only helps you fit in, but it enables you to stand out. Ask questions, search online, know the chain of command, and show interest in the different jobs that are internal.

By learning and understanding all the various the company dynamics and internal personalities you’ll be able to identify the key players. From here it is crucial to establish and build relationships with these key individuals. Don’t be afraid to strike up a positive and upbeat conversation.

2. Act like You Are a Fulltime Employee-

First impressions can’t be undone. The first few days and weeks of a new job setting the tone for how others see you. You may not feel like you are being observed, but believe it or not, you are.

The key is always to remember that you aren’t just a temp; you’re a qualified candidate who is auditioning for a permanent job. So don’t be a clock watcher, get to work early, and don’t rush to leave. In these types of job opportunities, abilities such as “self-motivated, detail oriented and strong work ethic” need to be continuously showcased.

Your goal needs to make yourself indispensable so you’re the first choice if any permanent jobs they may have. And be sure to communicate in casual conversation that you’re interested in a full-time job.

3. Network with Your Coworkers-

A substantial aspect of being a team player is interacting with your coworkers. Be friendly and enthusiastic, try not to isolate yourself or overshare. Above anything else, show that you are sincerely interested in your job and the company.

The key is to show your coworkers that you are there to help make their workday easier, not to make it more stressful. Always be looking to help – when you’ve completed your assigned task, ask if is there any other ways you can help. Be willing to work outside your job description and learn new things to help the team.

The common misconception is that temporary jobs don’t lead permanent ones, this is far from the truth. If you take to heart these steps and go the extra mile, the chances are that you will find a permanent job. Our goal at Award Staffing is to match your skills with the right company. Contact our hiring team today to talk about how we can help you in your job search. We have offices located in Bloomington, Chaska, Crystal, Delano, Maplewood, and Ramsey Minnesota to help you with your job search today! Want to learn more career tips and tricks – check our When Work Works blog.