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What Job Seekers Should Know in 2022

As you likely already know, the job market is currently full of opportunity. Nearly every company is hiring and offering better pay and benefits than they ever have before, in efforts to bring in more employees. This means that right now, job seekers have the opportunity to request more out of the companies they receive offers from, than they have in the past.

Additionally, hiring managers are currently being more flexible with requirements and allowing candidates with lesser experience to come onboard. However, lately there has been a frequent discrepancy between what companies are looking for and what candidates are communicating that they can offer. Regardless of the position or industry, individuals seeking new work opportunities must tailor their résumés to match the needs of the companies they are applying to.

Here are the most important things for job seekers to know as they apply for work in 2022:

1. Reliability is Key

While it used to be that applicants needed to have a certain number of years of experience or a certain technical skill to be considered qualified; current employers are willing to train people who demonstrate a strong work ethic. Due to the lack of workers, employees can’t risk people not showing up or showing up late on a regular basis. This is the most valued quality an employee can have these days. If you can truly say that you’re dependable, be sure to list that as a skill on your résumé.

2. You Can Ask For More

It used to be that people felt like they were never offered the compensation that they were worth or that they had to choose a job based on which one could offer the best benefit package. With the shortage, organizations are finally seeing the essentialism of giving people competitive wages and benefits. If you get an offer from a company you deem a good fit, don’t be afraid to negotiate pay and workplace perks. There is a good chance they will make you a better offer than they initially had.

3. Problem Solving

In any job that you take, there are going to be issues that arise. The ability to take initiative in handling them is something that employers want to see in the people they hire. Prior to showing up for an interview, be sure to think of a past situation when you needed to think on your feet. Those who have the ability to do this are the ones who will be offered promotions when a higher-paying position becomes available. Showing that you can problem solve also demonstrates that you value your position and are not just there to punch in and out.

4. Consider Company Culture and Environment

Right now, employees are putting more emphasis than ever on the importance of a positive company culture and work environment. Truthfully, the only way for a job to be a good fit over the long term is to enjoy your surroundings and feel comfortable in the space you spend your working hours. Be sure to ask what the company culture is like and if you can, get a tour of the area you will be working before accepting an offer. Don’t feel like you have to settle for the first opportunity that comes your way, there is plenty of opportunity in the 2022 job market.

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Top Benefits of Working a Warehouse Position

Now that we are well into the holiday season, one of the business industries across the board is the warehouse sector of the light industrial space. With stores needing to stock up on extra goods for holiday meals and décor along with people ordering tons of gifts online to be sent out to places all over the world, it’s no wonder that every year, warehousing companies hire a ton of extra help when this time of year rolls around.

The nice thing about getting a warehouse position though, is that it is an ever-growing industry and is in need of employees year-round. Let’s face it, with the convenience of online shopping, warehouse work is here to stay. Even this Black Friday saw record low numbers due to the option to purchase the same items online.

Warehouse work is very important, as the processing and shipping of goods as vital for this world to function. Here are just a few of the top reasons to consider warehouse work for your next job.

1. You Don’t Need Technical Skills

Working in a warehouse is a great choice for someone who has little to no work experience or is considering a career change. To work in a warehouse position, you don’t need a specific skillset. In fact, most of the time, soft skills are the most important factor in the hiring process. For example, the ability to work independently once you’re trained and reliably showing up to work is what employers need to ensure a smooth operation.

2. Flexible Hours and Overtime

Because warehouse work doesn’t involve customer or client interaction, nearly all warehouses extend their hours far beyond traditional business hours. In fact, many of them are open 24/7. This means that there are multiple shifts to choose from and you likely don’t have to work the same schedule every day if you don’t want to. Additionally, since there is always a need for employees in this line of work as well as random influxes throughout the year, overtime will be offered on multiple occasions.

3. Work Independently

Although warehouse work is team-based as a whole, typically when someone is hired, they are given a specific role on the floor that does not require more than one person. This can be stocking, pulling orders, scanning and processing, doing inventory. Many people like this type of work because they can listen to music while working and do not have to rely on others for their job to be complete.

4. Time Goes By Fast

Due to the nature of the work being fast paced, the constantly moving environment makes the day move quickly. There are few moments when working in a warehouse is slow enough to stop for a long enough time to be bored. You will also have plenty of your colleagues around you at all times. Whether you’re discussing work related tasks or socializing on your 15 minute break, the interaction will also help the day go by faster.

5. Keeps You In Shape

All warehouse positions require some kind of constant movement, whether you’re picking, loading, or packaging. The walking and lifting definitely gives you your workout for the day. This definitely saves you time as you won’t have to hit the gym or do a home workout once you’re off.

6. Opportunity for Promotion

Something most people don’t know is that warehouses are much more likely to promote from within than to hire for positions externally. With so many moving parts, it’s preferable to choose someone who is familiar with the layout of the floor, knows the people they will be working with, and is proficient in the way that particular facility operates. This saves on hiring costs and also allows the company to have people who know how to do multiple jobs if need be.

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The Pros of Changing Jobs Frequently in The Twin Cities

Have you been stuck in the same job for more than a few years? Do you want to get a new job or field of work? Some people change jobs every few years, which can be a good thing. Here are the pros of changing jobs frequently:

Get More Experience-

Any time you start a new job, you will develop more experience because you will be handling different tasks and skills. Even if your day-to-day operations are virtually the same at your new job, you will still have to figure out how to achieve the results in a different environment, working with different people, or using different equipment. The diversity in these new workplace environments will help you gain more experience, which in turn will make you more employable and adaptable to any new situations that are thrown your way.

Learn About Your Strengths and Weaknesses-

When changing jobs, you will likely be exposed to many different tasks or skills that you previously never had to think about or deal with in any other job. This is great because you can easily find out what your strengths and weaknesses are at work and apply them directly to working environment situations. By this same method, you may find out that you don’t like doing a specific task that you’re good at, but you like doing a particular task that you’re not necessarily good at yet. Use all this information as a barometer for where your career should go, and where you should focus your educational efforts for the future.

You’re Exposed to More Company Cultures-

Every company behaves and works differently. Whether it’s a change in the HR policy or a change in workplace communication style, you will soon see that every company has its way of working that is most conducive to achieving the results it wants. By changing jobs frequently, you’re being exposed to more company cultures on a regular basis. This is a good thing because it will allow you to compare and contrast different aspects of the various cultures that are appealing to you and not appealing to you as you figure out what your next career move should be.

If you’ve determined that it’s time to get a new job, contact Award Staffing. We will be able to help you figure out what is the best type of job to transition into and help place you in that job opportunity. We can also help you determine what’s the best step for your career.