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Job Search Confidence Is Vital to Find a Work in MN

If you’ve been searching for a new job in Minnesota for some time, it’s often difficult to keep your job searching spirits high. Receiving job rejections can significantly damage your self-esteem, making it more difficult to remain positive about the quality of your resume or your interviewing ability.

The best thing that you can do is to stay confident. Without confidence in your job search, hiring managers may doubt your capabilities, even if your application demonstrations that you have the right combination of skills and experiences to be great in a new job. Here are a few ways how to get start your Minnesota job search with confidence.

Reflect on What You Are Good At-

During your job search, it’s easy to lose focus on your ultimate goals. You tend to focus on the responses you’ve received from companies based on your applications and interviews, ultimately use those experiences as a gauge of your job worth.

Thinking like this means that you are disregarding your previous job successes – destroying your self-esteem. If you are feeling down throughout your job search, take a moment to reflect on your past job achievements, including your work accomplishments and praises. By doing this, you will rid of any defeating thoughts about your job skills and abilities, allowing you to be more confident while job searching.

Wear the Right Clothes-

Believe it or not, the clothes you wear can have a significant impact on your confidence. Nearly every person has an outfit that leaves them feeling like a million dollars, and that they can accomplish anything. If you’re preparing for an interview, select clothing options that make you feel confident. That feeling will carry over as you interview with the hiring manager.

A thing to think about is to make sure your clothes are comfortable. Even the best looking outfits won’t help you radiate confidence if you are not comfortable during the interview. Be mindful of how you feel throughout the interview, if you find yourself crabbing and pulling at the material or feel that your movement is restricted think about choosing something else to wear next time.

Everyone Makes Mistakes-

At some point throughout your job search, you’ll make a mistake. Maybe you forget to send a required document, miss a typo in your resume, or forget an application deadline. Whatever the mistake is, it’s essential to move forward. The key is to consider the error as a learning experience for which you can take action to avoid in the future.

Continually reflecting on a mistake will destroy your confidence, making an occasional error is going to happen. Learn from it and use the experience to help make sure that you do better the next time around.

Even though maintaining confidence throughout toy job search, with some dedication and diligence, you can succeed.

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How to Find the Perfect Job in Minnesota

Whether you are new in the employment field or wanting to make a career change, choosing the best career path for you can often be a challenge. There are many factors to take into account before you decide. Following these tips will help ensure that your choice not only results in rewarding work but also brings overall career well-being and happiness.

Determine Your Skillset-

Every person has a unique set of skills, with some skills stronger than other skills. In other words, “What are you good at?” In order to assess this, think about specific tasks or skills that come easily to you. What types of activities do your friends and family ask for your help? Though this might be hard to conceptualize at first, the more you think about it, the more you will be able to formulate some thoughts behind this.

Analyze Your Interests-

Often, what you’re good at and what you’re interested in are two very different things. You might be good at math and science, but you’re passionate about fashion and music. When you’re figuring out what your interests are, think about how you spend your time when you aren’t making money and when you don’t have anything else to do. Often, these reflect your true interests.

Brainstorm Ways Your Skillsets and Interests Intersect-

The perfect career for you lies at the intersection of your skillsets and your interests. It’s a good idea to make a side-by-side list of your skillsets and interests so you can start to compare and contrast them. When you see both of these next to each other, you will start generating more ideas of how they can be combined to help you transition into your perfect career option.

Make an Action Plan-

If you are truly serious about finding the perfect career for you, it’s time to make an action plan. This can be as simple as writing down a list of ideas or goals that you would like to accomplish or as complicated as signing up for an educational program. Whatever you decide to, make sure that you neatly organize your goals, and then stick to them in order to achieve the best possible results.

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Ever Wonder How Long You Should Be at a Job?

Have you ever wondered how long you should be a job before you start looking for a new one? The real answer is that there is no “right” length of time. It is all contingent on where you are in your life and career. Here you should think about when deciding how long you should be at your current job.

Are You Bored-

Are you being challenged in work current job? Do you believe that your skills are being utilized to their fullest potential? If you answered “no” – then maybe it’s time to start searching for a new job. On the other hand, if you are comfortable with your current job, you should consider having a conversation with your boss about your feelings of leaving. This may open up opportunities that provide you with more responsibilities for growth or even a promotion.

Don’t Ruin Work Relationships-

A key goal of leaving your current job is to choose a time to go that doesn’t burn bridges with current co-workers or the company. Though your boss might not be happy with you moving on to another job, you want to make sure that you go at a time that will preserve your existing relationships. In the business world, your professional network is what will get you ahead in life, be sure not to ruin that relationship. By taking the time to make sure that you have a solid handle on preserving your current work relationships, you should be fine to leave your current job.

Don’t Leave with Unfinished Business-

Timing is critical. If you are leaving at a time in which your company is traditionally busy, you will be hampering your co-workers from getting their job done promptly. If you think you might go to a new job soon, talk to your boss about the best time for you to leave. Even though they will prefer if you don’t move on, they most likely will be able to give you a window of time in which your departure wouldn’t affect your work co-workers ability to perform their job.

What is Happening With The Job Market –

The job market is continuously changing and affected by a variety of factors that aren’t in your control. Dependent on your financial state, you may or may not be able to take time off between jobs. If this is the case, you will most likely want to wait and leave your job until the job market has a lot of job opportunities.

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How to be the “Lebron James” of Job Searching

Searching for a job doesn’t have to be long and tedious. Putting careful thought and planning into the process will maximize your job search in terms of time and effectiveness.

Start a Spreadsheet-

Make life easier on yourself by starting a spreadsheet. It’s crucial that you do this before beginning the job search so you can stay organized throughout the entire process. You may want to sort your spreadsheet by the name of the company, the position for which you are applying, a link to the job post, and the date you applied and then heard back from them.

Limit Your Job Search to 5 Sources-

Don’t drive yourself crazy by searching through a massive list of websites. Keep things simple by initially limiting your job search to your network, two or three pertinent job boards, and a reputable staffing agency, which specializes in your industry. This will help keep you in line and organized; you can always add more sources later on if you’re finding that you are unable to locate what you need.

Have Your Resume Ready-

If you want to maximize your job search, you need to have your resume ready to go as soon as you apply. There’s nothing worse than getting called for an interview and then frantically revising/editing your resume. It’s a surefire way to forget something important, make grammar errors, etc. Spend time in advance, so you’re ready to go by the time you start applying.

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How to Start Your Job Search in Minneapolis

Have you ever has a job but felt that you desperately wanted a new one? Coincidently the time wasn’t right to make the job switch because your schedule needs wouldn’t allow for you to interview with another company easily. In the end, you decided to stay put until something changes on in your life.

Regardless of your rationale, there are still plenty of things that you can do immediately to prepare you for job searching in the future. Here are some tips for helping you with your future job search:

Take Time to Update Your Resume-

Have you reviewed your resume since you started your current job? If so then it is time to update it and get everything in order. By taking the time to update your resume now, you won’t have to do it later when it comes time to apply for jobs. When updating, have a basic resume format that is ready to go but allows you to tailor your resume based on individual postings, speeding up the application process.

Make Sure Your Online Presence is Positive-

Professional social media profiles are common amongst job seekers, so it is best to make sure your profiles are as polished as your resume. Make sure all of the information is correct and up to date. If your profiles contain items that you would want your grandmother to see, odds are a prospective employer won’t appreciate them as well.

Start Reaching Out to Your Network-

Since you are not readily searching for a new job, you have time to start reconnecting with other professionals you may have lost touch with. The best and easiest way to rekindle these relationships is by sending a message asking them how the holidays treated them. The key is to keep the conversation light and not to overwhelm them. From here let the conversation progress naturally and wait to ask about job opportunities until you have rebuilt the relationship.

The critical thing to consider is not to force a job conversation too soon. Take time to catch up before diving into the job-related questions since you have time before your job search really begins.

Try Working with Recruiters-

If you haven’t ever worked with a staffing company or recruiter, this is a great place to start before you are ready to begin job searching. Recruiters can help you refine your resume while getting other job searching items in order.

Interested in working with a recruiter to find a new job opportunity in Minneapolis? Award Staffing has the experience you need to help you with your job search. Contact us today, so we can connect with some of the best companies to work for in Minnesota. Want to learn more career tips and tricks – check our When Work Works blog.

Are You an Introvert? And Looking for a Job? Read This!

If you are an introvert, then the thought event searching for a new job is enough to get you to hide and stay indoors.  Don’t worry; there are three easy tactics that can help you make the job-searching process easier. Ultimately this means that you can enjoy your time while still being productive.  Listed below are our suggestions for job searching while being an introvert:

1. Talk About Your Strengths-

If you aren’t extroverted and outgoing, make sure to over-communicate your strengths throughout the application process. If you’re asked by an interviewer if you’re a people person, follow up with this – “I have learned a lot from working with my colleagues in the past. However, I feel as though I do my best work on my own.” This is a professional and honest way to tell your interviewer your preferred working style.

2. Don’t Feel Forced to Become an Extrovert-

A lot of interviewers emphasize that candidates should be extroverted in order to be team players. If this isn’t you, don’t fabricate some story for the interviewer. The truth is, as an introvert that you have different strengths. By pretending that you are someone who you’re not, it will sooner than later come out during work. There are many different ways for an introverted person to be a team player, it is your bosses job to uncover those opportunities.

3. You Are, Who You Are-

If you don’t get the job that you want, don’t take it personally. As an introverted person, you tend to be very reflective while spending time continually thinking about what you could have done differently. When you do this, take a moment and spend time reflecting on other jobs you could apply for. It’s also crucial to realize that sometimes job rejection is a possible blessing in disguise so eventually, you can find a job that is a better fit.

If you need help in your job search, contact Award Staffing. We have offices located in Bloomington, Chaska, Crystal, Delano, Maplewood, and Ramsey Minnesota to help you with your job search today! We will be able to help you find job opportunities and interview situations that play up your introvert personality as a strength instead of weakness. We can do a lot of the communication for you, so you can focus on doing what you do best. Want to learn more career tips and tricks – check our When Work Works blog.

The Pros and Cons of Job Searching in Minnesota

If you’re out of a job, it is hard to get yourself back on the right track – so make sure to change from job to another only when it is necessary. As a result, before you begin searching for a new job, you want to learn everything you can about possible jobs and the respective employers of those jobs.

Job Searching Ideas

There are infinite reasons to locate a job as quickly as possible in the Minnesota labor market. It’s very rare that you find your ideal job, what most job-seekers don’t do is establish a starting date and a timeline to commit to job searching. Find your right job takes time – don’t become discouraged if you don’t get a call back on a job that you really want.

Before sending your resume to the “million” Minnesota based companies that are hiring, first, research the job which you’re interested in – make sure it is what you’re looking for. Take time to do online job searching to discover what kind of job you want and what type of company you want to work for before making the job switch.

Helpful Hint: Job searching is tough – before actively applying for new jobs take care of yourself.

After you’ve figured out what you’re looking for, develop a job-seeking plan. Begin by telling friends and family, relatives and colleagues which you’re looking for work. It isn’t easy to look for a job, but your connections are a great place to start. Tell everyone you know that you are searching for employment odds are they will know someone who can help, ultimately making your job search more manageable and less stressful.

The Risk of Job Searching for a New Job –

Sure, searching online for a new job might be your very best bet in many instances – it allows you to apply to numerous positions as quickly as possible. Due to record low unemployment, there are a lot of different jobs in Minnesota that you can pursue. With that being said it is commonly recommended that you do not embrace this approach because there is the capability to hurt you landing a future job. Basic steps, such as not on the lookout for jobs on company time and with a personal email address, rather than your work address, can lower the chance of your employer finding out you’re attempting to leave before you are prepared to inform them.

Fast job searches are great when searching for broad search outcomes. After all, searching for employment is very time consuming and doesn’t offer you much chance to consider anything except getting interviews. This is were staffing companies in Minnesota can help. Sometimes referred to as “temp-agencies” help you organizing and structuring your work search – making it a lot easier to land a better job.

We know all too well at Award Staffing that finding the job opportunity you want is different from the job you currently have. Our hiring team is here to help you find that job you want – not the one you don’t. Contact our team today to learn more about why we are one of the Top Places to Work in Minnesota.

Can’t Find the Jobs in Minneapolis that You Want?

Plain and simple – being rejected while you look for work in Minnesota hurts. In many situations, job seekers spend time feeling angry and offended about not receiving a specific job. All too often in the job hunt, neglecting to reflect why you were not chosen for a new job ultimately means you’re missing out on an opportunity for personal growth.

Taking a moment to reflect can allow you to be more effective the next time when applying for a job. If you have been rejected for jobs that you’re clearly capable of holding, below are a few tips and trick for improving your chances the next time you apply for a job in Minnesota.

Showcasing Your “Essential Skills” –

Traditionally, when submitting your resume companies in the Twin Cities wouldn’t even look at your resume unless they have the required abilities to perform the job. If you do have the desire skills needed for the job the key is to clearly, list them out on your job application to have the best chance of grabbing the hiring manager’s interest.

But a more significant miss by job seekers in the Twin Cities is failing to prove that they have the ideal Essential Skills for the job. This intern can lead companies to skip your resume. A recent study revealed that a job seeker Essential Skills account for 85 percent of an individual’s success at their job. The results are that Minnesota based companies are currently spending more time measuring these skills.

Do you feel that your resume never makes it to the intended person? It is best that you take some time and review its content to find out if you’re currently discussing your past work experience in addition to your Essential Skills. If not, then it is time to get a resume overhaul.

Which “Essential Skills” to Show on Your Resume –

While every job is different, even if the position titles are similar, the specific skills are universal. If you are not currently finding explicit references the employer is looking for, consider including details. In most circumstances, Minnesota companies are going to have two priorities: communication and teamwork.


Pretty much any job that you will have in your life will require you to be able to communicate effectively, both verbally and written, with other team members, company leaders, or most importantly with customers. In your job search, it is crucial that you know how to manage these interactions if you want your application to stand out.


Collaboration with your co-workers is vital to your success, your co-workers, and most important the businesses. Hiring Managers want to see if you can prove that you can support your co-workers in achieving group goals. Showing that you can work well and active collaborator in groups in a work environment is critical.

Flexibility and Positivity:

If you are born and raised in Minnesota, you know what “Minnesota Nice” is. What most people don’t tell you about Minnesota Nice is about being flexible –  an ability to adapt in changing and fast-paced work environments. Minnesota based companies always want to embrace the notion of Minnesota Nice – having a positive attitude goes a long way because companies don’t want to hire someone who is consistently negative or general pessimistic.

We get it, a number of these Essential Skills are subjective, offering examples and during your interview which reveals how you use these traits in your job search can help you stick out to any company around the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas.

If you are seeking a new job opportunity, the professionals at Award Staffing can connect you with top employers in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas. Contact us to see how our current Light Industrial job openings can help you land a new job in Minnesota fast. Looking for other ways to learn When Work Works – visit our blog