5 Work Skills You Can Need to Be Always Improving

5 Work Skills You Can Need to Be Always Improving

If you ever have spare time while you’re working, you should utilize that time to brush up on some work skills. There are some specific skills you can always practice and improve upon with hard work. If you take the time to do this, your value at work as an employee will drastically increase. Here are the 5 work skills you can always improve:

Typing Skills-

It’s always a good skill to be able to type fast. If you are serious about improving this skill, try typing simple sentences over and over again, so you become comfortable with the act of typing. Eventually, you will be able to move on to more complex sentences. You can quickly work on this whenever you are in the 10-minute “waiting on someone or something” mode.

Vocabulary Skills-

If you get the chance to improve your vocabulary, do it. One of the easiest ways is to have a dictionary app or website nearby when you’re working. If someone says a word you don’t know, do not just write it off. Take the time to look it up and make a note of what that new word means. If you glance over your notes every day, you will be able to increase your vocabulary in no time.

Cold Calling Skills-

If you regularly are turned down when you make a cold call, you still have some practice to do. Try different variations of the cold call script and make notes of what changes worked and what changes didn’t work. When you start keeping track of your calls, you’ll be able to see patterns forming, which will make you that much more effective in the future.

Customer Service Skills-

You can never be too good at customer service. Challenge yourself by taking on strenuous or difficult tasks with customers. This will force you to develop patience and problem-solving skills that can be applied to conflicts of any kind, whether personal or work-related.

Organization Skills-

The more organized you are, the more efficient you will be in your work life. Once again, when you have a few minutes of wait time, make use of it. Take time to tidy up your desk or workspace. Even if the workspace is shared, you and your co-workers will benefit from the organization and resulting productivity. Developing these skills can be incorporated in your workday work for maximum effectiveness.

Here at Award Staffing, we say, “Just do it.” Need a job or job change? Contact Award Staffing. We will be able to use these work skills as selling points to prospective employers who may need your services in the future.

Can’t Find the Jobs in Minneapolis that You Want_Try This

Can’t Find the Jobs in Minneapolis that You Want?

Plain and simple – being rejected while you look for work in Minnesota hurts. In many situations, job seekers spend time feeling angry and offended about not receiving a specific job. All too often in the job hunt, neglecting to reflect why you were not chosen for a new job ultimately means you’re missing out on an opportunity for personal growth.

Taking a moment to reflect can allow you to be more effective the next time when applying for a job. If you have been rejected for jobs that you’re clearly capable of holding, below are a few tips and trick for improving your chances the next time you apply for a job in Minnesota.

Showcasing Your “Essential Skills” –

Traditionally, when submitting your resume companies in the Twin Cities wouldn’t even look at your resume unless they have the required abilities to perform the job. If you do have the desire skills needed for the job the key is to clearly, list them out on your job application to have the best chance of grabbing the hiring manager’s interest.

But a more significant miss by job seekers in the Twin Cities is failing to prove that they have the ideal Essential Skills for the job. This intern can lead companies to skip your resume. A recent study revealed that a job seeker Essential Skills account for 85 percent of an individual’s success at their job. The results are that Minnesota based companies are currently spending more time measuring these skills.

Do you feel that your resume never makes it to the intended person? It is best that you take some time and review its content to find out if you’re currently discussing your past work experience in addition to your Essential Skills. If not, then it is time to get a resume overhaul.

Which “Essential Skills” to Show on Your Resume –

While every job is different, even if the position titles are similar, the specific skills are universal. If you are not currently finding explicit references the employer is looking for, consider including details. In most circumstances, Minnesota companies are going to have two priorities: communication and teamwork.


Pretty much any job that you will have in your life will require you to be able to communicate effectively, both verbally and written, with other team members, company leaders, or most importantly with customers. In your job search, it is crucial that you know how to manage these interactions if you want your application to stand out.


Collaboration with your co-workers is vital to your success, your co-workers, and most important the businesses. Hiring Managers want to see if you can prove that you can support your co-workers in achieving group goals. Showing that you can work well and active collaborator in groups in a work environment is critical.

Flexibility and Positivity:

If you are born and raised in Minnesota, you know what “Minnesota Nice” is. What most people don’t tell you about Minnesota Nice is about being flexible –  an ability to adapt in changing and fast-paced work environments. Minnesota based companies always want to embrace the notion of Minnesota Nice – having a positive attitude goes a long way because companies don’t want to hire someone who is consistently negative or general pessimistic.

We get it, a number of these Essential Skills are subjective, offering examples and during your interview which reveals how you use these traits in your job search can help you stick out to any company around the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas.

If you are seeking a new job opportunity, the professionals at Award Staffing can connect you with top employers in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas. Contact us to see how our current Light Industrial job openings can help you land a new job in Minnesota fast. Looking for other ways to learn When Work Works – visit our blog