We All Know that You've Ghosted an Employer

We All Know that You’ve “Ghosted” an Employer

Record low unemployment in the Twin-Cities Metro means that most businesses are competing for workers like you. This ultimately puts you in control of your current or even next job. As you gain more hands-on work experience, thanks to decreasing labor pools, a trend is starting to take shape.  Businesses in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro areas are being ghosted by job seekers, like you.

What is “Ghosting” and have you done it?

In some instances, this entails candidates no-showing for scheduled interviews with no telephone or email stating they will not be attending.  In the scenarios, a job seeker stops returning perspective employers messages, providing no explanation for their disappearance.  Many job seekers are ghosting potential employers once an offer is accepted by them never reporting into the company in their very first day.

If you are juggling several offers or prospective companies, the notion of letting you fall by the wayside might appear non-threatening.  But that is not the situation.  By doing so, you are damaging your reputation – ghosting a possible employer could lead to profound consequences and meaning you cannot get a job.  In instances where you would like to remove yourself from contention, there’s an ideal way of doing it.

What You Must Know About Ghosting Employers

Let them know-

If you accepted another job or have changed your mind –  does not mean that you should not reach out.  You might wind up burning this bridge, and while the dialogue might be awkward, it is far better than ghosting them. Believe it or not, companies keep records of left them high and dry; ghosting them could damage your ability to get a job with them in the future.

Ultimately – pick up the phone and call the hiring person. Tell them that you’d like to eliminate yourself from the job and that the job is not the ideal match for you now.

Offer Reason –

Basically – the reason why you chose a position with a different company, but don’t hesitate to establish the reason. Admit “your decision sets them in a difficult spot,” but you wished to notify them fast.  Thank them.

Do not be shocked when the hiring manager is angry since it will make their life harder.  Knowing your reputation might be damaged at that organization and within the hiring supervisor’s network.  But if you burn this bridge, that’s something that you can conquer time.

Remain in Touch-

Let them understand that look ahead, and you would love to remain in touch.  If you would like to add anything extra, you may always add a line about something that you wanted about the business or team you decided to start working for.  This is not required, although you might supply a reason.  Just be sure that you send the message the moment you have determined the job is not appropriate for you.

We value honesty and hard work at Award Staffing. If you are looking for a company that appreciates your ability to show up on time or just able to be responsible, we want to help you find a job with them. Contact a member of our hiring team today to start your new job search! Want to learn more about When Work Works – visit our blog to find more job tips and tricks.

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