Why a Job in the Skilled Trades May Be Right for You

One thing we hear a lot from the companies we work with is that they need skilled laborers to fill their open jobs. We love helping skilled laborers find their future at these companies, but we also love encouraging our job seekers to develop their own skills to meet demand.

Perhaps no one ever asked you whether you’d be interested in going to school to learn a trade. Maybe no one in your family worked in a trade. Or maybe you feel you don’t fit the image of a typical tradesman – or tradeswoman.

Whatever the case, it’s always a good time to learn a skilled trade. Whether you’re deciding what to do once school is over or you’re looking to make a career change, these reasons might convince you to consider a job in the skilled trades.

Skilled labor is in demand

Minnesota is currently experiencing a skilled labor shortage. Companies are eager to pay for the specialized knowledge that comes with learning a trade. If you complete an apprenticeship and/or a trade program, you’ll be in a good spot to receive one of these great jobs. Being in high demand will put you in control of working where you want.

Skilled laborers receive good benefits

Because skilled workers are in such high demand, you are more likely to receive a competitive salary and benefits. The longer you work, the more valuable you’ll be to your company. In the Twin Cities, an entry-level construction worker can earn at least $16 an hour, while an experienced electrician could earn $38 an hour.

You can get paid to learn

Unlike a four-year college program, you can actually get paid while you learn a trade. If you’re in an apprenticeship, your employer will pay you for the time you spend working. Most of your education will be on-the-job training, with some time spent in the classroom. Because your employer is investing in your education, they’ll likely have a job waiting for you once you complete the program.

Technology is creating exciting new opportunities

Technology and automation sound scary, but they aren’t threats to your job. Instead, technology is changing the way that skilled workers perform their jobs. Skilled workers apply their knowledge to help operate and manage equipment and systems. Technology and robotics are also making the workplace safer. While strength was once a requirement for performing most labor tasks, many workers can apply for skilled trade jobs and not have to worry about heavy lifting.

Skilled laborers love their jobs

Skilled laborers often report high job satisfaction. Two out of every three workers report loving their jobs. In addition to great benefits and job stability, skilled laborers regularly experience new opportunities. While the work can be challenging physically and mentally, tradespeople report that they enjoy the challenge. They also appreciate working as a team to solve a problem.

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