Don’t Think Details Mattering in an Interview Think Again

Don’t Think Details Matter in an Interview? Think Again

If you’re interviewing for jobs, you likely have been told the “correct” answers you should give so as not to mess anything up for yourself. However, you might want to rethink some of that advice if you want to stand out in your interviewer’s mind. Here’s how to avoid giving vague interview answers:

Disguising a Strength as a Weakness-

Everyone knows that they’re “supposed to” disguise a strength as a weakness. However, everyone does this, so this answer is no longer relevant! To stand out, try giving a weakness you used to have; you can combat the negative stigma by telling them how you overcame it. This will show that you are honest, self-aware, and willing to try hard to fix your mistakes.

Not Being Specific about the Company-

If you aren’t specific enough about why you want to work at that company, you are hurting yourself in your interview. It’s easy enough to go into an interview and tell the interviewer that you want to work at that job because you want to make the world a better place. It’s harder (but much more impressive) to tell the interviewer that you want to work at that job because you admire the C.E.O. for the work she did while in Africa two years ago. Being specific about the job shows that you care.

Selling Yourself Short-

Don’t be vague about your skills, interests, or work history. Doing so means that you are selling yourself short, which is never good in an interview. You want to be specific with examples about what you are good at, because you may find that your interviewer is interested in using you for multiple skills.

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