How the Right Placement Can Help You Find Your Purpose

One of the things we know to be important here at Award Staffing is that every person finds their purpose in the workplace. That’s why we feel that a big part of our purpose is connecting people through meaningful work.

We know how important it is that people feel a sense of both contribution and accomplishment doing the work that they do, as that’s how most people spend 40+ hours of their week.

It’s important to us that anyone we place, whether it’s temporary or permanent finds a place where they feel a sense of purpose. It’s then that we know we did our job well and that both our client and our associate can feel confident about working with us and the future of their career and business.

Here are just a few of the ways that finding the right placement can help you find your future:

1. You can know whether or not you want to manage and what type of manager you want to be

One big advantage about the industry we are in and the type of work we staff for is that there is plenty of room for growth and that many of the positions are very collaborative. This helps you become familiar with all departments and get to know everyone on the management team. It’s through observation that you’ll know what management style you and other employees respond to best and whether or not you are interested in taking on a management role in the future.

 2. You can find an industry that you may not have thought you would ever be passionate about

It’s usually not until someone has worked in the light industrial sector that people know what truly goes on in a warehouse or at a distribution site. Anyone in those positions can tell you that there are many moving parts. By trying out a temporary position at a site or warehouse, you can observe and decide what type of role you would do best in and what shift pairs best with your home life.

 3. You can know what environment you need to thrive/where you do best

Some people do better in a quieter more low-key environment, while others do better in a constantly going, more team-based setting. If you have already tried out working in an office or at a desk, a light industrial position could be the next step. It’s only after you try a variety of positions that you will find what you enjoy the most and where you do your best work.

4. You can know if company culture, having a team, or working individually is best for you

Because there are so many different positions in warehouses and distribution centers, you will likely be able to try out a variety of them within a short period of time. In this industry, extra people are always needed; therefore, positions are always open. While some people want to work for a company that emphasizes team work and company culture, others want a job where they can zone out on their own. If you work a few temporary positions, you’ll discover your preference and can choose what’s right for a long-term position.

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