Learn the Truth About Standing Out to Your Boss

It can never hurt to stand out to your boss. Not only will you be seen as a valuable employee who can’t be let go; but you also will be more likely to be considered for promotions and other benefits that are associated with hard-working employees. Here are the five ways you can stand out to your boss:

Be Early and Stay Late-

Facetime is essential when you’re trying to stand out to your boss. The best way to do this is to be early and stay late. Even if you show up ten minutes before your boss and leave ten minutes after, they will have the expectation that you’re extremely dedicated to your work and will notice that.

Ask If They Need Help Before You Leave-

It’s one thing to arrive early and stay late, but you could step up your game by asking if s/he needs help before you leave. Even if your boss doesn’t need help, they will appreciate the extra effort and will remember you when they’re thinking about promotions in the future.

Ask Follow-Up Questions-

By asking follow-up questions, you’re showing that you’re interested in your job in a level that transcends the primary duties. You’re also showing your boss that you’re willing to go above and beyond regarding understanding how you can most effectively help your company.

Express Your Interest in Your Duties-

Take an interest in what you’re doing. Whether that means you go to networking events to meet other people who can help you or you take a college-level course to further your understanding, you should always be learning. Your boss will notice if you pick up any new skills as a result of your interest in your job and self-growth.

Teach Others New Skills-

If you want to stand out, teach your fellow employees new skills. The way in which you can genuinely gauge whether or not you understand something is by assessing whether or not you can teach it to others. Plus, your boss will like that your colleagues have new skills as a result of your efforts.

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