Minnesota Companies Save Money With Staffing Agency

When you need to find a replacement employee, whether short-term or long-term, consider hiring a staffing agency – it will save you money in multiple ways.

Save Money on Training Costs

Key expenses when hiring new employees are the associated training costs. When you work with a staffing company, they take time to know your business. They understand your needs and provide candidates that may have the experience and training you require behind their belts.

Naturally, there will be some specific training that can only happen on-the-job, but using a staffing agency will greatly reduce both the amount of time and the cost of training. Furthermore, as an employer, you can also specify that you only want to hire people who currently possess certain skillsets or work experiences, again minimizing these training costs.

Reduce Costly Employee Turnover

If you hire a new employee and they leave three months later, you have lost money on both training and employment costs. By hiring a staffing agency, you can eliminate a large amount of that risk. The staffing agency will be able to sort through and determine which employees are reliable as well as decide a set contract length.

These employees will have more incentive to stay if they are clear about their terms and are pre-screened by a third party. In addition, the candidate can initially remain an employee of the staffing agency – giving you the option to hire them when you know the employee will fit your needs.

Decide How Long You Want to Hire an Employee

If you have a short-term need within your company, it’s perfectly acceptable to hire a temp employee for that specific purpose. It’s much easier to hire a short-term employee through a staffing agency, because they are used to working with employees who prefer short contracts or length of employment. You will be able to focus on the skills you want and need.

The staffing agency will be able to match you up with an employee who is both skilled and available for that time frame. By hiring someone else to do this process for you, you will be saving both time and money. Once you’ve determined that you want to save money by hiring a staffing agency, you will need to find a staffing agency that can meet your company’s needs.

Contact Award Staffing. We will work with you to come up with a custom plan for your company and staff it accordingly according to your needs and vision.



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