Six Reasons to Search for Employment through a Staffing Agency

If working with a staffing agency is new to you, it’s understandable why you may not see the benefit in it right away. You’re likely thinking, why would I go through an agency when I can just apply to the jobs I want myself? While that’s a fair thought, there are several perks to finding work through a recruiting company that you’re more than likely not aware of. Not only will it be much more convenient, but having a reputable recruiter there to promote you will surely be to your advantage.

Here are just a few of the reasons that working with a staffing agency will do you good:

1. They know the local market very well

Especially if they have been in their position for a while, they have many connections and relationships in the local area. This means they have already built rapport with multiple companies that trust them to send quality candidates. They know what specifically is important to each company and can pitch you and help you tailor your résumé in a way that makes you ideal for the position. 

2. It will likely get you a job quicker

Remember, it is in a recruiter’s best interest to fill positions as quickly as possible while still choosing the best people. Additionally, when companies contact recruiting agencies, it’s because they are in current need of employees and have the goal of getting qualified people through the door sooner rather than later. Since the recruiter processes all of your new hire paperwork instead of the employer, you won’t have to worry about coordinating a time to go and take care of it with the company. It’s a common thing for candidates to have interviews and then be able to start working the next day when you go through a staffing agency.

3. They’ll be able to share with you opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise know about

Did you know that some companies find their people exclusively through staffing agencies? There may be positions near you that you didn’t know were available because the company doesn’t advertise online or through job boards. Also, though you may know your surrounding areas very well, there are always hidden and new businesses that the staffing agencies are the first to know about.

4. You can ask specific questions about culture, environment, management, etc...

When you apply for and accept a job through the company directly, outside of the impression you get from your interview, you won’t know much about the company prior to starting. Agencies on the other hand know the companies through-and-through. Before they are able to start sending candidates to the client, they have thorough conversations with leaders in the organization and have often toured the facility to see what the atmosphere is like. This allows you to ask questions to be sure it’s a good fit before committing to any position.

5. You can be more specific

Especially in the Light Industrial and Warehouse sectors, there are shifts of all kinds being offered. Overtime, half days, part-time, full-time, overnight, early morning. When a company publicly advertises a position, they typically have set shifts that they are looking to fill. When working with a recruiting agency, you can tell them what your preferred hours are and they can try and match you with a company that fits well with your schedule.

6. Saves time

Instead of having to apply to numerous companies through their websites, you can simply submit your résumé to the staffing agency you’re working with and they can send it off to the companies for you. You also won’t have to worry about scheduling interviews with each company individually; you can simply give the recruiter your availability and they can coordinate the details for you.

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