5 Benefits to Look for in a Job (Besides Salary)

Every job has its benefits and its problems. Some are long on pay and hours, while others are short on both. When looking for a job, money shouldn’t be the only thing you consider. We have many clients who can offer solid pay, but where they really shine is in their benefits. Striking a balance between salary and benefits can make all the difference in finding the right job for you.

Scheduling flexibility

Nowadays, many jobs can be performed remotely. Workers in some industries like customer service are finding that working from home for a few days a week or full-time increases their job satisfaction. This benefits employers, who have happier and more productive workers. Be sure to ask at the interview about how adaptable your hours and schedule can be.

Tuition reimbursement

Many employers are finding that if they want to keep an experienced workforce in the long-term, this can mean helping them further their education. Tuition reimbursement for professional development, higher education or trade schools is one way that they are recruiting top talent. This benefits everyone: workers are improving their skills and their long-term prospects while companies are keeping employees happy and more likely to stay.

Commuting and/or housing support

In areas where housing is spread out and inconvenient for workers, some companies are able to offer assistance with commuting or housing. This might come in the form of additional compensation to account for a higher cost of living, or it might be as easy as giving you the option to buy your public transit pass with pre-tax pay. If a prospective job would inconvenience you from a commuting standpoint, it’s worth asking if similar assistance is available.

Additional vacation time

If you’re finding that the proposed pay for a job is not quite what you were hoping for, there is a hidden benefit that many people don’t consider: more vacation days. By proposing additional days off, you are creating a better work-life balance for yourself without costing the company more on the balance sheet. With many organizations putting a premium on employee satisfaction, this can be a great way to negotiate for a job that fulfills all of your needs.

Daycare reimbursement

Childcare is a massive cost for families, and it can instantly take a large bite out of any budget. Some of the largest organizations have created their own daycare centers to respond to this, but smaller companies might have arrangements with local providers for reduced costs. If you have children or are planning to start a family, it is worth asking about assistance with this large expense.

Many people get caught up in the dollars and cents of a job offer, but there are other ways to make a job rewarding for you. Remember to ask about all possible benefits when negotiating any job offer.

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