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Surviving the Holidays When You’re Between Jobs

The holiday season is upon us and for many, it’s the busiest time of year. Unfortunately, you might be struggling to focus on enjoying the holidays if you’re out of work. Whether you’re in the process of transitioning to a new career or you lost your job unexpectedly, it can be challenging to handle the […]

Government Programs That Reward You for Hiring

The primary benefit of hiring is that you add an excellent employee to your team. In some cases, your company can get a tax credit or a grant for hiring individuals from certain populations thanks to government programs. It’s a win-win for employers: they hire someone to fill a needed position while receiving a financial […]

Tips for Making Your Seasonal Job Permanent

Seasonal jobs offer employees the flexibility to work for a short time, making quick cash while in between jobs or while on break from school. But seasonal work isn’t ideal for everyone. If you’re working in a seasonal position and you want the security and peace of mind that comes with full-time work, there are […]

How to Stay Safe Working Outdoors This Winter

If your job requires you to spend time outside during the winter months, it’s important to make workplace safety your top priority. You’ll need to protect yourself from common winter hazards, including hypothermia, frostbite and dangerous slips. To keep yourself as safe, focused and comfortable as possible this winter, follow these simple tips. Wear the […]

The Employer’s Guide to Staffing Seasonal Employees

Many businesses rely on seasonal employees to survive busy times. Whether it’s hospitality workers during vacation months or package handlers during the holidays, there are plenty of companies needing seasonal employees all year long. Here’s what you need to know about making your job easier when staffing seasonal employees. Hire early The sooner you start […]

How Job Seekers Can Overcome the Generational Divide

These days, it seems like everyone is talking about the generational divide. Differences between millennials, baby boomers, Gen X and Gen Z are hotly discussed in the news and in our personal lives. How do these perceived differences manifest themselves in the workplace? Despite what you might read online, employees are happy to work collaboratively […]

The Job Seeker’s Guide to Shift Work

Job postings usually have a section listing the shift the employee would work. If you’re unfamiliar with shift work, you might not know what that shift is. If you’ve done shift work before, this could be your signal that this job is (or isn’t) for you. Shift work is a style of scheduling groups of […]

4 Reasons You Can Be Thankful During Your Job Search

It can be hard to stay grateful when you’re on the job hunt, especially if you’ve been searching for a while. You’re not feeling very thankful, and that’s understandable. With some reflection, you may find you actually have many reasons to be thankful. Taking time each day to focus on the things you’re grateful for […]

Signs You Need to Call in Sick to Work

Cold and flu season is officially here. With the first signs of sniffles and sneezes, employees will have to decide whether or not to call in sick to work. Unfortunately, your health isn’t the only thing impacting your decision. You may not have enough sick leave – or any sick leave – and you can’t […]

8 Reasons Minnesota Veterans Are Great Hires

One of the best things you can do to thank veterans for their service gives them jobs. Veterans are an excellent source of talent for many reasons. If employers and hiring managers didn’t serve in the military, they may not realize the many skills veterans learned during their service. Veterans are a valuable addition to […]